Our People

A team of individuals all highly skilled in their area of expertise

Inta-Ag Limited is a team of  individuals all skilled in their area of expertise. Use the menu to the right to view the profiles of each of our staff members. Scroll down to see all staff profiles.


Mike Gordon

Commercial Manager
Email: mike.gordon@inta-ag.co.nz
Phone: 09 237 0430
Mobile: 021 962 462

Mike’s key responsibility is to ensure his team of four agronomists are well resourced and able to provide growers with the best advice on growing practices and choice of pesticide and fertiliser programmes, as well as managing the day to day running of the company.

As an Agronomist for the company for 25 years, Mike also looks after a number of key accounts for Inta-Ag Ltd, specialising in onions but also provides a high level of support and advice on a number of other crops such as lettuce and brassicas.

He gains satisfaction from helping growers improve their performance and the quality of their crops, thus helping maximise returns from their business. Mike values long term relationships with his growers, based on trust and the delivery of sincere commitments by himself and the rest of the Inta-Ag team.

Mike joined Inta-Ag in 1991, having worked for five years as an Area Manager with BASF (NZ) Ltd in their plant protection division, and before that two years with Rhone-Poulenc (NZ) Ltd in their agrichemical division.

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Jerome Benefield

Waharoa/Waikato Agronomist
Email: jerome@inta-ag.co.nz
Phone: 07 888 7342

Mobile: 021778073

Jerome has been a part of Inta-Ag Ltd since 2000. On finishing his studies at Massey University, Jerome joined Fruitfed Supplies Ltd based in Palmerston North. He then took over the running of the Fruitfed Supplies Levin Branch, and after a brief stint out of the industry he came on board with us.

He has progressed through to being one of the senior members of the company and agronomy team. He also has a leading role in working with several of our key accounts, specialising in onions and potatoes. Jerome also casts his eye over brassicas, maize and squash crops when required.

Jerome is based in, and services the Matamata region and travels to Pukekohe twice weekly to maintain contact and keep up to date with all that is happening in that area as well.

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Gary Graham

Pukekohe/Franklin agronomist
Email: gary.graham@inta-ag.co.nz
Phone: 09 237 0430
Mobile: 021 992 829

Gary started off growing in hothouses using NFT systems as well as cropping a small block. Currently he crops lettuce and strawberries for the local market. This allows hands on use of plant protectants and nutrients to assess their efficacy and work through various cropping programmes.

Gary completed his Horticultural degree extramurally through Massey University in 2003, focusing latterly on soil science and nutrient sustainability. Gary has worked with Inta-Ag Ltd since 2002 and specialises in Greens and carrots and enjoys the challenges of minor crops.

Gary enjoys working and playing outdoors. Work wise he enjoys the interaction with growers and outside of work he has a passion for windsurfing and skiing.

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Dean McMiken


Email: dean.mcmiken@inta-ag.co.nz
Mobile: 021 717 934

Dean was raised on the family farm where he enjoyed working with onions, potatoes, lettuce, sweetcorn and pumpkins.  He continued working with his family for 2 years while doing several Horticultural papers at MIT.

Dean joined Seed & Field/Seed Enhancements in 2001 working for 5 years as the assistant Production Manager of the Seed Treatment & Pelleting division handling onion, carrot, parsnip, squash and many other vegetable seed varieties.

He then moved to Melbourne with his partner for a period of 8 months doing several dispatch/warehouse roles.

We managed to lure him back to NZ and he joined the Inta-Ag Ltd team early 2007 as one of the valued store team, where he proved his abilities and in mid 2008 was promoted to Store Supervisor.

In June 2010 Dean was promoted to Field Agronomist and his looking forward to further his knowledge out in the field and interacting with the growers to help improve the quality of their crops. 

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Warren Hickford

Warehouse Supervisor
Email: warren.hickford@inta-ag.co.nz
Mobile: 021 286 4634

Warren grew up in the rural environment of Ngatea on the Hauraki Plains.

Over the years he has had a variety of warehouse and logistics roles. His first job involved the filing, storage and distribution of industrial gases in Kopu, 7kms South of Thames.

In 1993 he made the move north to Pukekohe with family and spent the following 17 years working locally in various warehouse rolls within the same company.

In May 2010, he came to Inta-Ag Ltd to replace Dean McMiken as our Warehouse Supervisor where he oversees the day to day running of the warehouse.

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