Cover crops are now increasingly used across all sectors of crop production for many reasons, including their ability to improve soil structure, add green manure and capture nutrients for the following crop.  Our agronomists have considerable experience of using these crops to benefit our clients and provide the correct solution for the problems faced.

We are pleased to now offer our own range of cover crop mixes, specifically designed to maximise the many benefits associated with their use.

These mixes have been constructed on the reliability of the individual species and their ability to deliver key agronomic advantages and improvements in soil health.

Our catch crop mixes present a great opportunity for those with more restrictive rotations to gain improvements in soil health, but also an additional opportunity for those already using cover crops.

We can supply tailored mixes or have general mixes for Summer-Autumn and Winter-Spring.

Contact us if you’d like a copy of our latest booklet recommending cover crop mixes. 

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