Inta-Ag Rewards with goody

Customer Loyalty Programme

Inta-Ag have commenced customer sign up to the new Inta-Ag loyalty programme, sign up is easy and quick and rewards are easy to access....

Do you collect in store?

Do you use the Ordering App to purchase products?

Do you meet accounting deadlines?

Do you purchase Inta-Ag exclusive brands?

Do you purchase monthly "Specials" advertised in the monthly magazine?

Inta-Ag rewards loyalty in better ways than $$ spent in store and all the above activities receive points to use against rewards....including: Retail Vouchers, Discounts, Coffee Card, Hunter Boots and equipment.  

Ways to collect points and ways to spend points will evolve as the programme grows!

The Programme is also a great way for us to share special offers, news and other information with you if permitted.

Download the Goody Rewards app, confirm your email address and you will start earning points with Inta-Ag immediately!

For any further information please contact your Inta-Ag Rep or speak to a member of staff in store, we would like to Reward you!