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Inta-Ag Magazine July 2020

14 July 2020

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Mid-winter bleakness is upon us but lots still happening at Inta-Ag! 

  • Taking into account the possible loss of Tribunal in the coming years the team have been brainstorming best practice weed control for onions, our own agronomist Bridget has a brief summary for you!
  • 2020 Potato Yield Competition - it's not too late, if you think you have got what it takes contact one of our team to enter!
  • Free Onion White Rot Disease Model - this is now on our website via the Weather Page/Disease Models and will be launched on the Inta-Ag app shortly.  Take advantage of this free information, we'd love your feedback to help keep it relevant and user friendly.

July Monthly Special - new product to Inta-Ag  BLOTTA - this is a unique soil complexing agent which works in the soil to prevent lock-up and release phosphate and other essential nutirents for uptake by roots of crop plants.
Free Mag Nitrate and Nutri MN with every Blotta Purchase - while stocks last

South Island Grower Tour 2021

Who is keen on joining Inta-Ag on a trip to the deep South and visiting various growers and their working facilities as well as having a bit of fun along the way?
We are looking for interested parties - numbers are limited
Please get in contact with one of the team to let us know - check out the magazine for more details