1. All sales will be made subject to these Conditions of Sale and these Conditions shall be the terms of the contract between the Buyer and Inta-Ag Ltd.

  2. Terms of sale of goods shall be strictly cash and payment shall be due by the 20th of the month following month in which purchase has been made and goods received.  A late payment fee will be charged on all overdue accounts, unless there is an agreed payment method by management.  An interest charge will be added to any accounts that are 30+ days overdue, this interest will be charged at 3% per month on the account balance.  If the oustanding balance is not settled by 90 days a stop will be placed on the account.  

  3. The ownership of the goods supplied shall remain with Inta-Ag Ltd who reserves the right to dispose of the goods until payment in full for the goods has been received by Inta-Ag Ltd. If such payment is overdue in whole or in part Inta-Ag Ltd may (without prejudice to any of its other rights) recover or re-sell the goods or any of them and may (itself or by its agent or servants) enter upon the Buyer's premises for that purpose.

  4. If the goods are sold by the Buyer before full payment to Inta-Ag Ltd then the proceeds of sale shall be the property of Inta-Ag Ltd and the Buyer will keep such proceeds in a seperate fund on account of Inta-Ag Ltd.

  5. Until such time as Inta-Ag Ltd has been paid in full for the goods, the Buyer shall insure them at his own cost for full insurable value against loss or damage in the name of Inta-Ag Ltd as unpaid vendor and shall indemnify Inta-Ag Ltd from any loss of the goods or from any damage to any person or property whatsoever as a result of the goods being stored or used by the Buyer or his servant or agents.

  6. Inta-Ag Ltd makes and provides no warranty or condition, express or implied, as to description and conformity to description of the goods or to the finess of suitability of the goods for any particular purpose and all warranties or conditions implied by law shall be deemed to be excluded from any contract to which these Conditions of Sale relate.  Inta-Ag Ltd will be under no liability to remedy any damage in or cause by the goods nor shall Inta-Ag Ltd be liable for any consequential loss or loss of market suffered by the Buyer arising or resulting from any cause whatsoever.

  7. The risk of loss or damage to the goods shall pass to the Buyer when the goods are dispatched and delivered to the Buyer.

  8. Unless special arrangements are made (with the exception of returnable containers) - no returns of goods will be accepted for credit to Buyer's account.

  9. The failure of Inta-Ag Ltd at any time to require full performance by the Buyer of any provision in these Conditions of Sale shall not affect the right of Inta-Ag Ltd to enforce the same.  Waiver by Inta-Ag Ltd of any breach of any provision shall not be construed as a waiver of any succeeding or other breach of any provision.

  10. All disputes or differences arising out of or relating to any contract incorporation these Conditions of Sale shall be resolved in accordance with the Arbitration Act 1908.

  11. Credit card surcharge - Please note Inta-Ag apply a surcharge to payments made using a credit card, which is in line with our cost of acceptance.  We do not surcharge debit cards.