About Us

The largest fresh vegetable producing area in NZ

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Inta-Ag Limited was formed in 1988 formerly known as Pukekohe Growers Supplies Ltd to service the Pukekohe and Waikato districts, offering advice and solutions on all aspects of vegetable crop production. This was combined with the supply of all production inputs needed such as Seed, Fertiliser and Pesticides and enabled Inta-Ag the resource's to offer leading edge technology to it's clients as the company expanded.

Pukekohe and its surrounding districts are the largest fresh vegetable producing area in NZ. With quality land in demand and in limited supply, some larger producers expanded their operations to the Waikato district.

Inta-Ag followed this trend in 1999 by opening another distribution depot located at Te Poi, Matamata in the heart of the Waikato.

Inta-Ag prides itself on its technical approach, and has five full time agronomists fully focused on servicing its client requirements, remaining flexible and adapting to their ever changing needs. Inta-Ag, through its agronomists, is involved in ‘prescription growing' with its attendant crop scouting and record keeping services utilising Muddy Boots Software Greenlight crop management program. This state of the art software has proven itself with key growers, their exporters, overseas importers, wholesalers and
supermarkets in providing key traceability information at
the touch of a button.

In 2007 Inta-Ag invested into (with the assistance of some key growers) five weather stations around the Franklin district, provided information on such things as air and ground dummy img1temperature, rainfall figures, solar radiation and wind direction. After these were established disease forcasting models were then attached giving readings of Downy Mildew and Blight pressure. The onion white rot calculator co-sponsored with Hort Research was also added to assist growers with the decision as to when to apply their first protectant whiterot fungicide.

Inta-Ag thinks globally but acts locally as it endeavours to find the best solutions for its clients. Amongst its major suppliers are Bayer, BASF, Etec Crop Solutions Limited,
Du Pont,  NuFarm and Syngenta. All these companies are
major research-based multi-nationals, and all are committed
to the crop protection business.

The cornerstone to Inta-Ag's business success has been based on personal relationships both with suppliers and of course our grower clients. Inta-Ag prides itself in employing the best technical staff in the industry in order to deliver the best possible service to its clients. Inta-Ag has always been a leading innovator within the industry and is committed to that role in order to deliver leading advice and technology to its grower clients.