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Micron Varidome Sprayers and Tank Units

12 April 2018

Inta-Ag are now importing Micron Sprayers direct from the UK, and the first sprayer arrived recently, come and take a look whilst it is parked in the PGSL yard....

Varidome is a range of shielded inter-row sprayers for eradicating weeds growing in between rows and wheeling areas.  Varidome is suitable for use in many crops including onions, carrots, parsnips, leeks and many other crops.

Varidome design incorporates shielded heads which can be individually adjusted to allow operators to treat variable inter-row widths.  The toolbar configuration can also be easily changed to fit different row widths and bed heights.

Varidome is available in the following options:

Varidome S1 - the single section unit which allows growers to spray widths of up to 3m.  Varidome S1 comes with a choice of CDA (Controlled Droplet Application) or hydraulic pressure nozzle spray systems.

Varidome S3, Varidome S5 and Varidome S7 - come equipped with pressure nozzles and can treat up to 6, 9 and 12 metres respectively.

A choice of oval and circular shields is offered to cater for a wide range of crop spacing.

Click here to see the full Varidome brochure

Here are a few images of the equipment you can find at PGSL

Micron Sprayer

Spray Heads

Tractor Mounted

Trial in the Paddock