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Inta-Ag Desk Pad 2019 - PVGA Centenary Celebration Edition

03 January 2019

Happy New Year from all the team at Inta-Ag and wishing everyone a happy and successful 2019!

Inta-Ag Desk Pad 2019

Thank you to everyone who kindly donated photos both old and new for our 2019 Deskpad and thank you to our sponsors for supporting the production of this special edition.  Inta-Ag wanted to thank the PVGA for such a fabulous centenary celebration in 2018, hence a continued theme of old and new photos for all to enjoy throughout the new year! 

Please click on the link below to scan the pages and give us a call or contact your Inta-Ag Rep if you haven't yet received your complimentary deskpad!

Inta-Ag Deskpad 2019